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Contact Information

Atheist Coalition Board Members Postal Address
  • - President
  • - Secretary
  • Thomas Baule - Treasurer
Atheist Coalition
Post Office Box 161251
San Diego CA 92176

Is there's anything you think we should know about?  Do you know of an instance where local government is giving special breaks to a religious organization?  Are you a public school student and your teacher is foisting his or her religious views on you?  Let us know.  We may not be able to fix the situation, but we'd sure like to try.  Or join our open E-mail Lists -- see below.  e-mail

The Atheist Coalition E-Mail Lists

Atheist Coalition has established two e-mail lists for organizational use. Both lists are open to all interested persons.

  • The Atheist Coalition list is designed to facilitate communication among Atheist Coalition members. The list volume is 50-100 messages per month.

You may subscribe to either or both lists by clicking one or both links below.  You will receive more information about the lists by e-mail after subscribing.

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