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Atheist Coalition

Application for Membership

Objectives and Purposes [Bylaws, Article 2, Section 1]

The primary objectives and purposes of this organization shall be:

To promote separation of government and religions, which means to educate the public about the value of secular government, alert the community to government/religion separation violations, and work in all lawful ways to ensure separation of governments and religions;

To promote atheism, which means to educate and inform the public about atheism, representing it as a worthwhile, life-affirming, and wholesome point of view, protect the civil and constitutional rights of atheists, clarify and explain atheist ideas for atheists and non-atheists, and develop opportunities for atheists to learn more about each other, and;

To coordinate activities with other groups to achieve common goals and objectives, in affiliations which do not compromise the autonomy of ATHEIST COALITION;

To educate means to disseminate ideas and materials by publication, lecture, broadcast, tape.

I have read and agree with the objectives and purposes of the ATHEIST COALITION and hereby apply for membership. My annual dues for $20 are enclosed.
Membership becomes effective at the meeting following the meeting at which the application is completed and dues are paid.
[A "low income" applicant may pay annual dues of $10 in lieu of the standard dues by sending a letter or other document showing "low income" status. A majority vote of the Board of Directors approves a "low income" dues application.]



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Atheist Coalition
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Phone: (619) 342-7388